Tips on Flying Cannabis

Flying Cannabis Tips – Cannabis Care

Akiko’s Products understands that sometimes you need to fly to interstates and bring your medication with you. Cannabis isn’t really easy to bring but there are some helpful tips, like as follows:

  • Don’t Draw Attention.

The most likely circumstance that would lead TSA representatives to your suitcase stash is if your carry-on bag is loaded with other items that could warrant evaluation or removal. For instance, a gourmet box of chocolates for your grandmother can trigger an agent to analyze your bag due to its shape. Suddenly, the smell of a carefully buried cylinder of cannabis gummies or secret chocolate bar bursts throughout the security area. What do you do?

  • Pack It Right.

Preventative packaging can add comfort to your journeys. Think about taking your products out of their initial wrappers to strengthen the packaging with an insulating material like aluminum foil. Security makers are designed to spot abnormalities, so conceal your products in plain sight. If you yearn to take any plant products, load the flower in an odor-sealed bundle or with your other food products to cover its fragrance. But it’s constantly more secure to leave it behind.

Of course, you can decide to eat your edibles before going through security, and take pleasure in the feeling of being just a bit higher than everyone else on the plane. Simply keep in mind those eyedrops!

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