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Contact Us

If you would like to know more, be among our followers. Subscribe to our mailing lists. Visit our homepage under the Contact Us area. Thank you for visiting Akiko’s Products Made in Hawaii . If you need support, please email us at We try to respond to all support requests within 24-48 hours.


Our group is local; they are locals of Oahu. Our Medical Advisory Board is 100% local. To keep understanding, tasks, and money in our economy, we work with regional subcontractors and partners whenever possible. Our business will provide the State with considerable increases in tax income. However, we can do more than just pay our taxes to support Hawaii. So from the beginning, Akiko’s Products is dedicated to offering 10% of our net earnings back to the community– 5% will spend money non-profit companies on Oahu, and 5% will support cannabis-related medical research study.

Our Team

Akiko’s Products is a team of dedicated and passionate people who like and honor their trade. We are devoted to understanding the science of cannabis to establish a remarkable product for our clients. Marijuana is a specific, innovative plant with numerous measurements that work together to affect strength, chemical makeup, taste, look, and impact. The mix of our understanding and the specific conditions of Oahu allow us to establish a Hawaiian method to grow, cultivate, treatment and experience medical cannabis.


We believe medical marijuana can assist recover our land, too. Influenced by and dedicated to Nature’s continuous circulation to well balanced, interconnected, and healthy communities, Akiko’s Products operates on three concepts of sustainability:.

Natural growing practices.
Ecological stewardship.
Locally sourced.