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It’s difficult to obtain a heavy-hitting, premium water pipe or dab rig that will please the eye and will not break the bank? Reconsider, and get yourself familiarized with the up-and-coming Diamond Glass. These awesome pieces of glass are available online at the Smoking Outlet and can be acquired and shipped directly to you!

These glass masters are based in warm Southern California, where they regularly end up new and novel designs and remarkable twists on traditional pipes architecture.

Diamond Glass Atomizer.
If you could not inform by the name, this business prides itself on a perfect glass of the highest quality. Where other producers depend on huge, crazy bong designs, Diamond Glass goes for refinement. Every color you see is thoroughly selected and used for max effect without appearing ostentatious. Accuracy is evident in each model, and there’s never even a scrap of lost glass. You’ll never discover yourself asking “is this excessive?” when aiming to select among these pieces.

Attention to Detail. Diamond Glass Ashcatcher.

One of the trademarks of Diamond Glass is that much of their pieces would look right in your home amongst beakers and microscopic lens in a laboratory. Their focus on detail shows through in pieces which contain a great deal of best angles, which a lot of glass business shy away from. Right angles are difficult to make symmetrical when you’re dealing with the fluidity of glass. However, Diamond gets it ideal each time. When you’re discussing offerings from this maker, it’s hard not to overuse the word “crisp.” From their logo lines to the depth of the colors they use, it’s clear that quality design is critical.

Enjoyable User Experience.

Right alongside design, Diamond Glass is everything about peak performance, driven by true resourcefulness. Every piece has at least one percolation aspect, and a few of them feature styles never seen before worldwide of glass. Take this Witch’s Cauldron water pipe, for instance.

Witch’s Cauldron by Diamond Glass.

Ever become aware of a “cauldron” perc before? I guess you have not because Diamond Glass developed it! And the method they’ve combined it with the Swiss perc is nothing brief of genius. This is the perfect example of a design that’s chock filled with function while being strikingly gorgeous.

There’s no scarcity of unique perc combinations these folks provide, and there are setups to suit the pickiest of cigarette smokers. If you desire a little dabber with merely one turbine perc, it’s there for you.

If you need something more robust, you can rely on something like, say, a septuple-chamber with showerhead and quintuple honeycomb percs.

Diamond Glass has a water pipe or dab rig to suit the pickiest of puffers. And there’s just no matching the quality of their glass and building and construction. Discover a new Diamond Glass piece today, and experience the brand-new Diamond standard.