What Is Marijuana Psychosis

What Is Marijuana Psychosis?

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Reefer Madness Movie PosterMarijuana is a substance that has been extensively condemned for over a century. Though it’s been cultivated and used by cultures worldwide since the beginning of documented history, cannabis is still misunderstood by the general public. An excellent example of this misconception is the term “cannabis psychosis,” a misleading title for a rare phenomenon. Let’s take an appearance at where this term comes from, and exactly what it actually means.

Origins of Marijuana Psychosis.

To obtain an excellent idea of what people indicate when they discuss the condition, we have to look at what cannabis psychosis is not. For that, you ought to be familiar with an extensively dispersed and still-famous anti-pot propaganda film Reefer Madness. In this rollercoaster of a film, a series of disastrous occasions follows a couple who smoke some cannabis with good friends.

Some of the undesirable signs illustrated are extreme paranoia, blackouts, and wild misconceptions that cause murder. The way the film is established, these are all signs that can and must be expected of anybody that dares to choose up a joint; and that’s where the idea of “marijuana psychosis” came from, even though it’s highly incorrect.

Is There a Link Between Marijuana and Long-Term Psychosis?

While the extreme and instant results displayed in Reefer Madness are not common at all, it ends up that variations of them do exist and have actually been studied in reality. The important things is, there have been numerous studies that carry out in reality link cannabis use to the psychotic condition schizophrenia. That being stated, the precise nature of the link is yet to be pinned down.